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Michelle Healy

Veterinary Assistant

One day, an American Eskimo dog came into the shelter where Michelle used to work. The dog wouldn’t let anyone get near her for two whole days. On the third day, Michelle reached in, took her out of the cage, and they became best friends from then on! Michelle had the dog for 13 years, and she’s been interested in animal behavior ever since.

Michelle grew up in Racine with her mother. After working at a Racine animal shelter, she applied at Prairie Side Veterinary Hospital and couldn’t be happier working with pets as a Veterinary Assistant. She especially likes to answer clients’ questions about new puppies or kittens. She also enjoys dentistry work and behavioral modification and training.

Michelle and her husband Scott have two children: Amber, 18, and Cody, 14. The family has several pets: Lou, resident Rottweiler and skunk exterminator; Mr. Monkey, a naughty Chihuahua; Jazzy the Yorkie; and cats Joe and Jimmy.

Outside of work, Michelle and her husband enjoy remodeling and working on their home. They also like to camp with friends when they get the chance.