Stabji, Dutch Stabyhoun, Frisian Pointer

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The Stabyhoun, pronounced “stay-be-hoon", is a medium-sized Dutch breed that was classified in 2013 as one of the top five rarest breeds in the world with only an estimated 3,500 of these dogs in existence! Any breeding between Stabyhouns is closely regulated by the Dutch Association for Stabyhouns and Wetterhouns. There are very few Stabyhouns found outside of the Netherlands. The Stabyhoun is a very loyal and smart dog. They make excellent companions for families, but is also a typical pointer-type breed and loves to have a job to do. They can be very excitable, however, and will need plenty of exercise to be happy.

Common Traits

Eye Color: Brown

Coat Color: Black, Brown, White, Pied

Length: Medium-long

Coat Density: Normal to Dense

Coat Texture: Straight

Average Size

Height: 18-20 in.

Weight: 44-48 lbs.


The Stabyhoun is a lively dog that often enjoys spending time with its family. The Stabyhoun is an excellent guard dog and will sound the alarm if strangers approach. As a bonus, they will also keep your home and property free of vermin such as mice, rats and moles. They are typically independent dogs, but can be affectionate at times. The Stabyhoun can also be described as stubborn to some. Training is essential to ensure the Stabyhoun is a well-rounded and obedient dog. All members of the family should be involved in the training so they understand who has authority over him. The Stabyhoun  does well with children and cats, but does have a strong prey drive. Smaller pets such as ferrets and guinea pigs should never be left alone with this breed! The Stabyhoun is somewhat reserved with strangers and early socialization is important to keep them from becoming afraid of people and new situations.

Activity Needs

Activity Level: HIGH

Weekly Walk Mileage: 30 (minimum)

Activity Per Day: 60-90 Minutes (minimum)


Maintenance Tools: Pin brush, de-shedder, comb, nail clippers

Brushing Frequency: Weekly