The Pumi

The Hungarian Herding Terrier

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Pumis are intelligent and bark easily, but are easy to train. With the intelligence of a herding dog and the alertness of a terrier, this breed needs an active owner who can give it plenty of exercise. Things like herding, agility and obedience training, flyball, jogging, or playing fetch are great ways to keep this breed healthy and active. Pumis are good with children and other animals, as long as they are trained from an early age. It retains a playful temperament into adulthood and this, together with its tufted ears, gives its Hungarian nickname, “the clown"

Common Traits

Eye Color: Blue or Brown

Coat Color: Grey, Black, White, or Fawn

Coat Length: Medium-Long

Coat Density: Shaggy and Dense

Coat Texture: Wavy or Curly

Average Size

Height: 43-45 Inches

Weight: 12-13 Pounds


Pumis are intelligent and very energetic. Pumis are quite vocal, and will often bark when they have nothing to do, or when they want something. Being a vocal dog, they are not recommended for apartment and some subdivisions where noise ordinances are concern. Pumis are very good with other people, as well as pets. They are wary of new people and will often observe people for a bit before approaching them. Being a herding dog, they will also have the tendency to nip at legs in an attempt to herd them, however, they respond well to training and as long as they are provided constant training, this won't be a problem. Overall, the Pumi is a great choice as a family companion and will provide years of loyalty and spunkiness.

Activity Needs

Activity Level: High

Weekly Walk Mileage: 12 miles

Activity Per Day: 60 Minutes


Maintenance Tools: Pin Brush, Comb, Nail Clippers

Brushing Frequency: Every 3 to 6 Weeks