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Dog Worms Treatment in Racine

6300 Washington Avenue
Racine, WI 53406
After-hours Emergency Number: 414-761-6333

Does Your Pet Need Dog Worms Treatment in Racine?

We're here to help!

There are a number of reasons you may find that your pet needs dog worms treatment in Racine, WI. Did you know that puppies can even get worms through their mother's milk? It's important to get your pet to the vet regularly so we can test for these invasive parasites.

Common Dog Worms

Roundworms – Puppies may contract these worms from their mother prior to birth. If infection follows, it can cause weakness and a poor ability to gain weight.

Hookworms These parasites can be contracted by puppies through their mother's milk. Signs of infection include blood in the stool, poor weight gain, and low numbers of red blood cells. Hookworms can also be transmitted to humans – Eek!

Tapeworms Tapeworm segments can appear in the dog's stool like grains of rice. They are often transmitted by fleas, rodents, and rabbits. Dogs may be infected if they ingest a carrier flea, however, it is not often transmitted from pet to pet directly.

Whipworms Whipworm infections are often characterized by bloody diarrhea and/or mucous in the stool.

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Is your pet exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned here? Contact us right away and we can take steps to remedy the situation. Prevention and early intervention at the first signs of infection can mean a world of difference in your pet's health. The best way to do this? Regular veterinary appointments! Use the form below or call us today for assistance!

If you're in the Racine area, we are very easy to find and we promise that you'll always be greeted with a smile and a warm atmosphere.

Not in the Racine area? We also have clinics in  Franksville, Kenosha, and Delavan, WI!

Questions? Concerns? Fill out the form below to get started or click here to set up your pet's appointment today!