Megan Tornoe

Megan Tornoe

Veterinary Assistant

Megan recently started with Prairie Side and comes to us with experience working in an emergency hospital. She had a long commute which left her little time for her studies. Megan is working for us part-time and attending U.W. Parkside full-time.

Megan grew up in Caledonia, WI with her three siblings and a single father. Being in a male dominated household, she grew up an avid outdoors woman. She enjoyed fishing, hunting, racing motocross and camping. Growing up that way taught her to be tough, resilient and fostered her passion for the outdoors.

When she was growing up she was not allowed to have a dog, due to her father’s allergies. She loved reading, watching and learning about dogs which made her love for them even stronger. Once she was allowed to get her first dog she grew a passion that could not be broken.

Currently, Megan lives at home with her dad, sister, nephew and grandparents in Caledonia. She is a mother to a 7-year-old border collie mix name Suki who suffers from obsessive ball disorder and loves to adventure with her. Whether it is hiking, kayaking, or fishing Suki is there and ready for a new adventure. She also has six hens: Petri, Sarah, Little Foot, Ducky, Peeves and Peeper.