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Rich Eads

Certified Veterinary Technician

As far back as Richie can remember he has always loved animals. He was inspired to go into the Veterinary field after he adopted his second snake, Althena. He works as a Certified Veterinary Technician and has the opportunity to care for many pets every day.

Richie was born in Charleston, West Virginia and has lived in seven different states and overseas. He served in Iraq as a military police officer. After he returned to the states he decided to re-enlist in the Army Reserve and entered their Animal Care Specialist program. He graduated from the Army Medical School for Veterinary Technicians and received a Distinguished Honor Graduate and Army Achievement Medals.

He then took online classes through San Juan College’s Veterinary Technology program. He completed testing and received his Certified Veterinary Technician’s license in November of 2015. He is continuing his education and plans to work as a veterinarian one day.

He has an English Setter that is trained to hunt. Richie is a fitness instructor for his reserve unit and enjoyed marathon running. He is very interested in fitness and likes to participate in obstacle course competitions.