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We are excited to welcome the Franksville Veterinary Clinic care team to Prairie Side!

Our Franksville Clinic and Prairie Side have combined to give you and your pets the best in veterinary care.

Veterinary Surgery Services

Our facilities are equipped with modern anesthesia medication, monitoring equipment, and surgical equipment. Each patient receives an individualized plan, including pain control. Additionally, each of our patients is monitored by a trained staff member at all times while under anesthesia. Finally, they are wrapped in warming blankets throughout surgery and recovery to make their stay with us as comfortable as possible. We try to take away at least some of the fear everyone has with surgery. We also understand that other facilities may perform surgery at a steeply discounted rate, but we strongly urge you to ask if they provide the individualized care you expect with each procedure.

Our Professionally Trained Veterinary Staff

With multiple doctors on staff, we can perform most surgeries. When the veterinarian you have bonded with can, they will perform the surgery.

There are times when another veterinarian in our hospital system is better equipped to perform the surgery and a team approach will be most beneficial to your pet. When our team can not provide the services you require, we have several specialty hospitals we can refer you to. Whatever is necessary to help achieve the best outcome is what we will do.

  • Some of the procedures we perform include:
  • Spaying
  • Neutering
  • Eyelid surgery / Eye surgery
  • Skin surgery / Tumor removal
  • Intestinal / stomach surgery
  • Bladder surgery / Urethral surgery (including P.U. surgery)
  • Ear surgery (We do not perform ear cropping, nor do we recommend cropping)

This list is not a comprehensive list. If you have a specific question, please schedule an appointment or call us to discuss your concerns.